Dixon Drum Thone - PSN-10

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The Dixon PSN-10 Drum Throne (not "Thone") is a seating option designed specifically for drummers, offering comfort and stability during extended playing sessions.

·  Seat Design: The PSN-10 features a round, padded seat that provides comfort for drummers during long hours of playing. The seat is typically covered in a durable vinyl material that is easy to clean and maintain.

·  Adjustability: It includes a threaded steel spindle height adjustment system, allowing drummers to adjust the seat height to their preferred position. This adjustability ensures ergonomic comfort and proper posture while playing.

·  Base: The throne is supported by a sturdy tripod base, providing stability and preventing wobbling during intense drumming sessions. The base legs are typically equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping and protect floor surfaces.

·  Build Quality: Dixon is known for producing hardware that is durable and reliable. The PSN-10 Drum Throne is constructed with quality materials to withstand regular use and provide years of performance.

·  Portability: While sturdy, the PSN-10 is designed to be relatively lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport between gigs or practice sessions.

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