Harmonica Hohner Ocean Star In C 2540 48

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The Hohner Ocean Star 2540 48 is the ideal harmonica for playing exotic melodies. Tuning in C.

Play Balkan music, Celtic music from Scotland and Ireland or even Asia with the Hohner Ocean Star 2540 48. This model was designed for musicians who need a slow tremolo effect, to interpret the melodies of music with the greatest expression. these regions.

The Ocean Star sound has an ethereal sound that is both exotic and familiar, to be played under the stars, around the fire, or to evoke that feeling, wherever they are.

This technical possibility of slow tremolo is provided by the special tuning of the Ocean Star, and is easily used both by the musician still in full mastery of the harmonic, as well as by the most experienced.

The Hohner Ocean Star 2540 48 has a stainless steel coating that protects a comb with 48 bronze reeds. The comb and nozzle are made of very resistant and durable ABS plastic, allowing excellent performance regardless of temperature and humidity variations.

Founded in 1857 in Germany, Hohner is one of the largest references of musical instrument manufacturers in the world, specializing in accordions, electromechanical keyboards and wind instruments as harmonics. Any Hohner instrument is synonymous with German quality and precision.

The Hohner Ocean Star 2540 4 is a resistant harmonica, with the high quality of manufacture characteristic of the German brand, at an affordable price.

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