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D Addario EXL110BT Nickel wound Guitar Strings

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  • Gauge and Composition: The "BT" in EXL110BT stands for "Balanced Tension." These strings are designed to provide a more even feel across all six strings, making bending and fretting more consistent and comfortable.

  • String Gauges: The gauge breakdown for EXL110BT is typically:

    • High E: .010 inches
    • B: .013 inches
    • G: .017 inches
    • D: .025 inches
    • A: .034 inches
    • Low E: .046 inches

    This gauge set is slightly different from the standard EXL110, with the goal of achieving better balance in tension across the fretboard.

  • Material: They are made from nickel-plated steel, known for a bright tone with excellent magnetic properties for pickups.

  • Suitability: EXL110BT strings are versatile and suitable for a wide range of music styles, from rock and blues to jazz and country, offering clarity and projection.

  • D'Addario Quality: D'Addario strings are renowned for their craftsmanship and consistency, favored by many professional musicians and amateurs alike.

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