Dixon - Tom Holder - PDTH950C-SP Single Tom Holder with clamp, 12.7 MM Ball joint L Arm, skin packaged

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The Dixon PDTH950C-SP Tom Holder is a component designed to securely mount tom drums to a drum kit setup.

·  Design: The PDTH950C-SP Tom Holder features a sturdy construction with a ball and socket mechanism. This mechanism allows for versatile positioning of the tom drum, enabling drummers to adjust the angle and placement for optimal playing comfort and sound projection.

·  Mounting: It typically mounts onto a drum rack or drum hardware using a clamp system. This provides stability and ensures the tom drum stays securely in place during intense drumming sessions.

·  Compatibility: The tom holder is compatible with Dixon drum kits and various other drum hardware setups that support tom mounting arms.

·  Adjustability: It offers adjustable height and angle settings, allowing drummers to customize the position of their tom drums according to their playing style and preferences.

·  Weight: The weight of the PDTH950C-SP Tom Holder is approximately 2.6 pounds (about 1.18 kilograms), making it sturdy enough to support tom drums while remaining relatively lightweight for ease of handling and setup.

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