Nux NPK-20 Portable Digital Piano

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Nux NPK-20 Portable Digital Piano
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NUX NPK-20 is our latest powerful portable digital piano. Building off the sound and feel of our bestselling NPK-10, the NPK-20 further optimizes the acclaimed NUX WKJ-03 keyboard and makes it feel even more natural. Fully loaded with 271 high-quality sounds in 7 groups, the NPK-20 is also equipped with an automatic accompaniment function for dynamic performances, professional effects based on advanced audio processing technology, and even a dynamic mic input for a perfect performance solution.

• Sounds: 271 high-quality sounds (7 groups)
• Tone Brilliance: 5 levels
• Layered Sounds: Yes (mix balance adjustable)
• Split Keyboard: Yes (split point adjustable; individual octave shift and tone selection)
• Max. Polyphony: 108
• Compressor: 4 types (soft, R&B, lyric piano, standard piano), 5 parameters (ratio, attack, release, threshold, boost)
• Reverb: 4 types (hall, plate, room, studio), 5 parameters (pre-delay, size, reverb time, diffusion, output level)
• Chorus: 4 parameters (HPF, LPF, depth, level)
• Delay: 4 parameters (time del, feedback, H damp, level)
• Equalizer: 9-band

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